How to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures?


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How to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures

Gathering Soul Candy and crafting a Negation Box, you can unlock Aizen’s maximum potential. Follow the step-by-step process in the Evolution Room to obtain Aizo (Betrayal) and enhance your team’s power in battles.

The secrets of evolving Aizen in Anime Adventures for a stronger gaming experience. Collect the necessary materials and head to the Evolution Room to initiate the evolution process. Equip Aizo (Betrayal) and dominate your enemies with Aizen’s upgraded abilities.

About Aizo

About Aizo

Aizo is a formidable character in Anime Adventures, evolving from Aizen with enhanced abilities.

Deployment Cost1,400¥
Total Cost44,800¥
Upgrade Levels8
Spawn Cap3
Tower TypeGRND
Damage TypeMagic
Attack TypeAoE
Damage120 – 1,600
Attack Rate8 – 6.5
Range17 – 20.5

What you’ll need to evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures

Evolving Aizen in Anime Adventures requires an investment but brings significant rewards. You need Soul Candy, obtained by completing levels or progressing in infinite mode, and a Negation Box, crafted or bought for 7,000 gems.

Crafting the Negation Box needs specific items like Rainbow Star Fruit, Red Star Fruit, Blue Star Fruit, Green Star Fruit, Pink Star Fruit, Star Fruit, and 7,500 Gold. Once you have these, go to the evolution room in the lobby to fuse Aizen and unlock his full potential.

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How to Evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to evolve Aizen in Anime Adventures:

  • Go to the Evolution Room: Navigate to the Evolution Room within the game.
  • Select Aizo: Choose Aizo (Aizen) as the character you want to evolve.
  • Follow the Procedure: Follow the evolution procedure as directed in the game.
  • Consumption of Items: Note that all items used during the evolution will be consumed.
  • Receive Aizo (Betrayal): Upon completion, you will receive Aizo (Betrayal) as a reward.
  • Add to Inventory: The evolved Aizo will be added to your inventory.
  • Equip to Team: Finally, equip Aizo (Betrayal) as part of your team to utilize its upgraded abilities effectively.


How do you evolve Aizo into Aizo betrayal?

Evolve Aizo into Aizo Betrayal in Anime Adventures, you must collect 72 worthy souls and achieve 2,000 kills with Aizo. This process will give you 37.5% awakening, allowing Aizo to evolve into the more powerful form of Aizo Betrayal.

How many worthy souls does it take to evolve Aizo?

You need 200 worthy souls to evolve Aizo into its final form.

Can you evolve in anime adventures?

Anime Adventures, characters like Aizen can indeed evolve. Evolve Aizen, you typically need to collect a specific number of “worthy souls” as part of the game’s evolution mechanics.

How many worthy souls do you need for Aizen?

Aizen does not require a specific number of “worthy souls.” Aizen is a character who seeks to attain power and achieve his own goals through various means, often involving manipulation and deceit.

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