Blade Idle Tips and the Guide for a Better Start


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Blade Idle Tips and the Guide for a Better Start (1)

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, these tips will level up your gaming experience. Get ready to dominate the world of Blade Idle with our expert strategies. Let’s dive in and conquer the challenges together.

you’ll find essential tips to kickstart your journey and master the game. From completing quests to maximizing damage output, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to wield your blades like never before and become a true champion in Blade Idle.

Complete Every Available Quest

Complete Every Available Quest

Make sure to complete every quest in Blade Idle for awesome rewards. Quests range from simple tasks to epic challenges, boosting your character’s strength. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to progress in the game.

Conquer stages, power up your stats, and meet objectives to advance. Each quest completed brings you closer to becoming a master player in Blade Idle.

Clear dungeons as soon as possible

Clear dungeons as soon as possible

Clearing dungeons swiftly is crucial for advancing in Blade Idle. Upgrading your blade and utilizing special abilities will boost your chances of success. Don’t hesitate – dive into dungeons and seize valuable rewards today.

Each dungeon cleared brings you closer to unlocking new resources and leveling up your character. By conquering dungeons early, you’ll gain an edge over your opponents and accelerate your progression. Don’t waste time – embark on dungeon quests and dominate the game.

With each dungeon cleared, you’ll enhance your character’s strength and unlock new challenges. Stay ahead of the game by prioritizing dungeon conquests and reaping the bountiful rewards that await. Ready your blade, assemble your team, and conquer dungeons with speed and efficiency.

Aim for maximum damage

Focus on maximizing damage output to defeat enemies swiftly in Blade Idle. Level up your heroes to increase their power and effectiveness in battles. Equip them with the best weapons and armor to ensure they deal devastating blows.

Upgrading skills is essential for increasing damage and unlocking new abilities for your heroes. Prioritize enhancing their offensive capabilities to dominate your foes. With each upgrade, your heroes become more formidable and unstoppable in combat.

Strategize your approach to battles to achieve maximum damage with every strike. Coordinate attacks, utilize powerful abilities, and exploit enemy weaknesses to secure victory. Aim high, deal massive damage, and emerge triumphant in every encounter.

Upgrades and Equipment Strategy

Upgrades and Equipment Strategy

Plan your upgrades and equipment strategy carefully in Blade Idle for optimal progress. Decide what aspects of your gear are most important for your playstyle and objectives. Invest wisely to ensure your upgrades align with your goals.

Prioritize upgrading weapons and armor if you struggle with defeating bosses. Focus on enhancing powers if you face challenges with waves of enemies. Customize your gear and upgrades to suit your unique playing style and needs.

Manage your resources wisely to avoid overspending on unnecessary upgrades. Strategic planning will help you maximize the effectiveness of your equipment and upgrades. With the right strategy, you’ll conquer challenges and ascend to greatness in Blade Idle.


Spending Your Diamonds

Utilize diamonds wisely in Blade Idle to accelerate your progress and enhance your character. Invest in character upgrades to boost their stats and unlock powerful abilities for battle. Consider purchasing items and equipment to give your characters an edge in combat.

Legendary weapons, armor, and costumes are valuable investments that can significantly improve your gameplay experience. Spend your diamonds strategically to maximize their impact and increase your chances of success in Blade Idle.

  • Legendary Purple Weapon
  • Legendary (Purple) Helmet and Body
  • Mythical (Gold) Tier Weapon
  • Mythical (Gold) Tier Armor


Costumes in Blade Idle add flair and bonuses to your characters, enhancing their performance in battles. Consider obtaining costumes in the following order for maximum benefit:

  • Teacher Costume
  • Anvil of Love
  • Student Costume
  • Cat Costume
  • Medieval Queen Costume
  • Puppy Grass
  • Doom Bringer
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Beaker

Each costume provides unique advantages, ranging from increased stats to special abilities, contributing to your overall success in the game. Dress your characters for victory and dominate the battlefield with style.

How Should I Spend Free Coins?

When deciding how to spend free coins in Blade Idle, consider the following options for maximizing your resources:

  • Purchase costume packages from the shop tab, such as the Red Hood, Dinosaur, Guan Yu, Black Tiger, and Ninetails costumes.
  • Invest in weekly growth packages with Ancient Insignia Fragments to acquire additional coins and bolster your progress.
  • Optimize mileage by using it to buy Ancient Insignia Fragments when there’s a 20% chance of crafting one, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Strategically allocating your free coins will empower your characters and propel you toward success in Blade Idle. Choose wisely and make the most of your resources to dominate the game!

Spending Mileage

Spending mileage wisely is crucial in Blade Idle to optimize your progress and strengthen your character. Use mileage to purchase valuable items and upgrades that enhance your gameplay experience. Make strategic decisions to ensure every mile traveled leads you closer to victory in the game.

Growth Stats

Growth Stats

In Blade Idle, managing growth stats is vital for advancing your character’s strengths and abilities. Follow these guidelines to optimize your growth stats:

  • Upgrade ATK, HP, and DEF levels as specified in the quest objectives.
  • Maximize CRIT RATE, Super CRIT RATE, and CRIT DMG to enhance your damage output.
  • Prioritize Hyper stats evenly, with a focus on Hyper CRIT RATE for optimal performance.

Strategically investing in growth stats will empower your character and pave the way for success in Blade Idle. Tailor your upgrades to suit your playstyle and objectives, and watch as your character grows stronger with each advancement.

Level Stats (Exp)

Leveling up your stats is essential for success in Blade Idle. Adjust your stats to maximize damage output while clearing stages actively. When farming offline, prioritize increasing drop rates for rewards to optimize your progress.

Active (Clearing Stages)

When actively clearing stages in Blade Idle, focus on the following strategies:

  • Maximize your ATK to deal higher damage to enemies.
  • Enhance your Skill ATK to unleash devastating special abilities.
  • Upgrade Final ATK to deliver powerful finishing blows.
  • Adjust PEN and ACU levels as needed to meet state requirements.
  • Prioritize DEF to ensure your character can withstand enemy attacks.
  • Allocate points to Hyper CRIT DMG if unlocked and maintain at least 10% Hyper Crit Rate.
  • Boost ATK SPD for faster and more efficient clearing of stages.

Farming Stages (Online)

Farming stages online in Blade Idle involves maximizing efficiency and speed to optimize resource acquisition:

  • Focus on selecting stages that can be swiftly cleared without risking defeat.
  • Avoid investing in defensive stats to maintain a fast-paced farming pace.

Maximize the following stats for effective online farming:

  • Skill and Stage Drop rates should be leveled up to 500 each.
  • If available, prioritize leveling up the Accessory Drop Rate to 1000.
  • Maximize ATK, Skill ATK, and Upgrade Final ATK for enhanced damage output.
  • Increase Gold and Exp gains to accelerate progression.
  • Enhance ATK SPD to expedite stage completion times and maximize efficiency.

Farming (Offline)

Offline farming in Blade Idle provides opportunities for passive progression and resource accumulation:

  • Automatically clear stages 25 levels below your current level every 100 seconds.
  • Maximize Skill and Stage Drop rates, along with Accessory Drop Rate if unlocked.
  • Prioritize boosting ATK, Skill ATK, Upgrade Final ATK, Gold, Exp, and ATK SPD for efficient offline farming.

Clearing Stages Skills

When it comes to clearing stages in Blade Idle, mastering the following skills is essential:

  • Adapt your level stats based on your current gameplay mode and objectives.
  • Switch up the skills you’re using to maximize your effectiveness in battle.
  • Stay active and push through as many stages as possible to progress efficiently.

Farming Skills

In Blade Idle, honing your farming skills is essential for maximizing resource acquisition. Prioritize abilities that boost rewards, experience, and gold during farming sessions. Efficiently clearing stages and utilizing farming skills will accelerate your progress in the game.


The tips and guides provided for Blade Idle offer invaluable insights to players, regardless of their experience level. By implementing these strategies, players can navigate the game with confidence and efficiency, ultimately leading to greater success and enjoyment.

Embrace these tips, master your blades, and embark on your journey to become a true champion in Blade Idle.

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