Darkest Dungeon Tier List


Darkest Dungeon Tier List

Darkest Dungeon Tier List. Discover the best heroes ranked for optimal gameplay. From S-tier powerhouses to strategic picks, master your team composition effortlessly.

Navigate the darkest depths with confidence using our tier list. Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting, this guide ensures victory.

Forge your path through the treacherous dungeons armed with our expert rankings. Dominate every encounter with the most formidable heroes at your command. It’s time to conquer the darkness with our Darkest Dungeon Tier List.

Darkest Dungeon Tier List

Tier S

S Tier

Tier S in the Darkest Dungeon Tier List comprises the most formidable heroes, each possessing exceptional abilities and stats to excel in the darkest depths of the dungeon. 

HeroMax HPTier
Plague Doctor22S

Tier A


Tier List features a formidable lineup of heroes, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table. Leading this tier is the skilled Bounty Hunter, boasting a maximum HP of 25 and specializing in hunting down high-value targets with precision.

HeroMax HPTier
Bounty Hunter25A
Grave Robber20A

Tire B

B tire

Tier B in the Darkest Dungeon Tier List comprises heroes with solid capabilities, offering reliable performance in various situations.

HeroMax HPTier

Tier C

C Tier

Tier List comprises heroes with moderate strengths and weaknesses, offering a balanced but less exceptional performance compared to higher tiers.

HeroMax HPTier

Tier D

D Tier

Tier List encompasses heroes with notable weaknesses and limited utility compared to other tiers. 

HeroMax HPTier

Ranking Factors:

Ranking factors in the Darkest Dungeon Tier List are essential for hero evaluation. They include base stats, versatility, and utility skillFlexibility is crucial for adapting to different challenges in the dungeon. Utility skills like healing and stunning are vital for success.

Base Stats/Skills:

Base Stats/Skills are fundamental in evaluating heroes in Darkest Dungeon. They encompass health, damage, speed, and special abilities.

Heroes with impressive base stats have an advantage from the start. Their combat skills are top-notch and can reach their full potential quickly. Flexibility is key to surviving in the dungeon. Heroes must adapt to various positions and situations, making them valuable assets.


Flexibility is crucial in Darkest Dungeon, allowing heroes to adapt to different challenges. It ensures they can handle whatever the dungeon throws at them. Flexible heroes can adjust to different positions and situations seamlessly. They are valuable assets to your team, capable of tackling encounters without extensive planning.

Having a team of flexible heroes is essential for leveling up in the game. It enables survival and success in the face of diverse and unpredictable dungeon conditions.


Utility skills are crucial for her success in Darkest Dungeon. They encompass abilities like healing, stunning, and stress relief. These skills are essential for heroes to excel in their roles and make a significant impact. They provide healing support, immobilize enemies, relieve stress, and weaken opponents through debuffs.

Whether it’s providing healing support or weakening opponents, utility skills are key to creating a well-rounded and powerful hero. They ensure heroes can handle various challenges effectively, contributing to the team’s overall success.

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the Darkest Dungeon Tier List provides invaluable insights into hero strengths and weaknesses, guiding players in assembling formidable teams. With careful consideration of each hero’s ranking and abilities, players can navigate the darkest depths of the dungeon with confidence.

With the knowledge of tier rankings and key factors, players can strategically craft their teams for maximum effectiveness. The Tier List is a valuable tool for players seeking success and triumph in the challenging world of Darkest Dungeon.

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