Unit Guide: Inquisitor – Rush Royale


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Unit Guide Inquisitor – Rush Royale

In the fast-paced world of Rush Royale, having the right strategy and deck composition can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

Among the powerful units at your disposal, the Inquisitor stands out as a versatile and formidable force on the battlefield. 

This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to unleash the full potential of the Inquisitor, allowing you to dominate the game and climb the ranks like a true champion.

Inquisitor Deck Builds to Try

Building a strong deck around the Inquisitor is crucial for success in Rush Royale. Here are a few sample deck builds that showcase the Inquisitor’s synergies with other units:

  1. Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Scrapper, Dryad, Bombardier
    • This well-rounded deck offers a potent combination of damage, crowd control, and support.
    • The Knight Statue provides valuable tanking capabilities, while the Scrapper and Dryad offer area-of-effect damage and healing support.
    • The Bombardier’s long-range attacks complement the Inquisitor’s melee prowess, making this deck effective against various enemy compositions.
  2. Inquisitor, Hex, Harlequin, Summoner, Mine
    • This deck focuses on crowd control and summoning overwhelming forces.
    • The Hex and Harlequin work together to disable and disrupt enemy units, allowing the Inquisitor and Summoner’s minions to wreak havoc.
    • The Mine provides an additional layer of area denial and damage over time, making this deck challenging for opponents to overcome.
  3. Inquisitor, Stasis, Harlequin, Summoner, Mine
    • Similar to the previous build, this deck emphasizes crowd control and summoning power.
    • The Stasis replaces the Hex, offering a different form of disabling and slowing enemies.
    • This variation may be more effective against certain enemy compositions or playstyles.

Experiment with these builds and find the one that best suits your playstyle and preferences. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments and try new combinations to discover the perfect synergy for your Inquisitor-focused deck.

Playing the Inquisitor Like a Pro

Playing the Inquisitor Like a Pro

Mastering the Inquisitor in Rush Royale requires strategic mana management and unit deployment. Here are some tips to help you play like a pro:

Mana Management:

  • Start by summoning just one Inquisitor in the early game to efficiently clear out enemies and conserve mana.
  • As the game progresses, gradually summon more Inquisitors to increase your damage output.
  • Focus on ranking up existing Inquisitors rather than adding too many to the board, as their attacks become significantly more powerful with each rank.

Support Unit Utilization:

  • Utilize support units wisely to maximize the effectiveness of your Inquisitors.
  • Units like the Dryad, Hex, and Harlequin can provide healing, crowd control, and debuffs to complement the Inquisitor’s strengths.
  • Adjust your support unit composition based on the enemy threats you’re facing.

Early vs Late Game Inquisitor Strategy

The approach to playing the Inquisitor may vary depending on the game stage. Here’s how to adjust your strategy:

Early Game:

  • Focus on building a solid foundation with your Inquisitor deck.
  • Start by summoning one Inquisitor to efficiently clear out enemies while conserving mana for later waves.
  • Prioritize ranking up your first Inquisitor before summoning additional ones.

Late Game:

  • Aim to fill your board with Inquisitors and upgrade them strategically.
  • Prioritize ranking up existing Inquisitors over summoning additional ones to maximize their damage potential.
  • Adjust your strategy based on the current wave and boss encounters, and always keep an eye on your mana reserves to ensure optimal performance.


Buff Card Placement for Boosting Inquisitors

Optimizing the placement of buff cards is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your Inquisitor deck. Here are some tips for strategic positioning:

  • Place buff cards in a way that buffs as many of your Inquisitors as possible.
  • Experiment with different placements to find the optimal configuration for your specific deck and playstyle.
  • Consider positioning buff cards near the front lines, where your Inquisitors are likely to be engaged in combat.
  • Adjust buff card placement based on the current wave and enemy composition to ensure maximum benefit.

By mastering buff card placement, you’ll significantly increase your chances of success in Rush Royale and unleash the full potential of your Inquisitor-focused deck.

Defeating Bosses with the Inquisitor

Boss encounters in Rush Royale present unique challenges that require specific strategies. Here’s how to tackle them with the Inquisitor:

Bombardier Strategy:

  • If your deck includes a Bombardier, prioritize taking out the boss before their first ability activates.
  • Position the Bombardier strategically to land direct hits on the boss while your Inquisitors engage other enemies.

Puppeteer Strategy:

  • Against the Puppeteer, avoid investing too heavily in the Inquisitor to prevent setbacks from mind control abilities.
  • Focus on crowd control and area-of-effect damage to minimize the impact of mind-controlled units.

Gorgon Strategy:

  • Ensure your damage-dealing units, like the Inquisitor, are set up before the Gorgon’s action to avoid removal.
  • Utilize support units like the Hex or Stasis to disable the Gorgon and reduce the effectiveness of its abilities.

Tribunal Strategy:

  • Manage your card placements carefully against the Tribunal boss.
  • Unleash your Inquisitors and support units after the Tribunal’s ability has been used for optimal effectiveness.
  • Prioritize ranking up your Inquisitors to deal significant damage during the vulnerability window.

By implementing these boss-specific strategies, you’ll increase your chances of overcoming even the most formidable challenges in Rush Royale with the Inquisitor at the forefront of your deck.

Inquisitor Mastery Path to Victory

Inquisitor Mastery Path to Victory

Mastering the Inquisitor in Rush Royale is a journey that requires dedication and continuous adaptation. To achieve victory and climb the ranks, follow these key principles:

  1. Strategic Deck Building: Experiment with different deck compositions and find the perfect synergy between the Inquisitor and other units.
  2. Battlefield Unit Control: Manage your mana effectively, prioritize ranking up Inquisitors, and utilize support units to maximize their impact.
  3. Adaptive Boss Tactics: Study each boss encounter and adjust your strategies accordingly, leveraging the Inquisitor’s strengths and mitigating weaknesses.
  4. Practice and Refine: Continuously practice and refine your Inquisitor gameplay, learning from every battle and adapting to new challenges.

With perseverance and a willingness to learn, you’ll soon find yourself dominating the battlefield with the Inquisitor, outmaneuvering opponents and achieving victory in Rush Royale.


The Inquisitor is a formidable unit in Rush Royale, capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor. By mastering the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll unlock the full potential of this versatile unit and take your gameplay to new heights.

Remember, the path to victory is paved with strategic deck building, skillful unit deployment, and adaptive boss tactics. Equip yourself with the knowledge gained from this guide, and embark on your journey to conquer Rush Royale with the Inquisitor at your side.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, the Inquisitor’s power is waiting to be unleashed. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the action, implement these strategies, and watch as your opponents fall before the might of the Inquisitor. The road to leaderboard dominance begins here!

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