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Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom

This Vietnamese camera is expertly crafted to deliver high-definition video surveillance, enabling you to monitor your business environment from anywhere in the world.

SLS Telecom’s cameras provide a comprehensive security package, featuring motion detection, seamless integration with mobile phones, and night vision capabilities.

How To Use Camera SLS Telecom

Camera SLS Telecom ensures security and communication accessibility for businesses of all sizes. Consult with our sales team for tailored CCTV and access control systems.

Choose from phone, internet, and cloud service bundles for seamless communication.

Count on Camera SLS Telecom for installation, maintenance, and issue resolution support. Leverage our robust security and telecom solutions for better business operations with affordable all-in-one offerings.

Sls Telecom?

Based in Vietnam, SLS Telecom offers phone, internet, and cloud-based communication services. Established in 2010 alongside Lap Dat Camera, it provides scalable and cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Step-by-Step Instruction to Installing  Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom:

To install Lap Dat CCTV cameras and access control systems:

  1. Identify optimal locations for camera placement and hardware installation.
  2. Measure cable lengths required for connectivity.
  3. Purchase Lap Dat CCTV cameras and access control systems.
  4. Acquire SLS Telecom services such as internet or cloud storage.
  5. Schedule an installation date with a Lap Dat technician.
  6. Prepare the installation site by clearing spaces for camera mounting.
  7. Welcome the Lap Dat technician on-site for installation.
  8. Securely mount cameras and neatly run cables for a clean setup.
  9. Connect NVR (Network Video Recorder), storage, and central hardware.
  10. Activate telecom services to ensure seamless connectivity.
  11. Configure camera and NVR settings according to specific requirements.
  12. Customize sensitivity and motion detection settings for enhanced security.
  13. Test the functionality of installed cameras and features thoroughly.
  14. Provide training to site representatives on monitoring access.
  15. Conduct a final walkthrough with Lap Dat to document and confirm successful installation.

Overview of Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom

Overview of Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom, founded in 2010, offers integrated security and telecom solutions. It specializes in CCTV systems, access control, and security alarms. Meanwhile, SLS Telecom provides phone, internet, and cloud-based services.

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom caters to diverse clients from small shops to large corporations. With top-quality products and experienced technicians, they simplify security and connectivity. Driven by customer-focused values, reliability and affordability are paramount.

Their customizable packages ensure tailored solutions for every business need. Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom makes comprehensive security and telecom accessible to all.

Some Key Features of Lap Dat Camera that Make it a Good Choice Include:

Wide product rangeComprehensive CCTV cameras, NVRs, access control systems, alarmsOne provider for all security needs
Local experienceOperates specifically in Vietnam since 2010Tailors solutions to Vietnamese businesses
Bundled packagesIntegration with SLS Telecom’s servicesCost-effective all-in-one security and telecom
Customizable systemsConfigurable camera settings, motion detection, storageMatches unique requirements of each site
Installation servicesProficient technicians perform installationsProper setup for best performance
Ongoing supportResponsive monitoring, maintenance, troubleshootingEnsures continuous and smooth operation
Affordable pricingCost-competitive and transparent ratesBudget-friendly for small or mid-sized organizations
Attentive customer servicePatient reps provide consultations and trainingEnables easy adoption and use of security systems

High Image Quality

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom delivers exceptional security camera image quality. They offer a wide range of high-definition CCTV cameras, including 4K and ultra HD options. Advanced low-light capabilities ensure quality footage even in dark conditions.

Local technicians carefully set up and adjust camera placement and settings during installation. This optimization process enhances visibility and captures crucial details effectively.

Businesses can rely on Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom for superior image quality. Their systems aid investigations, monitor operations, and enforce security protocols. Choosing Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom ensures valuable video assets for your business.

The Broad Field of View

The wide-angle lenses from Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom enable extensive monitoring with fewer cameras. Their specialized fisheye and 360-degree panoramic cameras offer full coverage without blind spots.

During installation, technicians survey the space to determine optimal fields of view. Adjustable brackets and wide sweep controls allow fine-tuning for enhanced visibility.

With substantial coverage, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom ensures cost-effective security solutions. Wider scenes provide context and tracking ability for detected events, reducing equipment needs and capturing more usable footage.

Low Light Performance

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom equips its cameras with light sensitivity features for enhanced video quality in dim conditions. Utilizing low-light technology like back illumination sensors and wide aperture lenses, their CCTV cameras ensure clear footage.

Advanced models also offer infrared night vision with ranges up to 100 meters, configured by local Vietnam technicians during installation. This enables monitoring in low light or after dark, crucial for facilities operating 24/7.

With exceptional low-light capabilities, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom ensures continuous, clear footage day and night. This reliability enhances monitoring and security for various facilities, from warehouses to parking lots.

Day/Night Operation

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom provides a range of CCTV cameras renowned for their exceptional video quality in daylight. Additionally, these cameras offer clear footage at night through infrared night vision capabilities.

This ensures uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring, crucial for maintaining security round-the-clock. With Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom’s CCTV cameras, businesses can rely on continuous surveillance regardless of lighting conditions.

Waterproof Construction

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offers waterproof CCTV cameras designed for outdoor installation. These cameras are built to withstand rain or hot weather conditions without compromising functionality.

Equipped with specialized seals, these cameras prevent internal damage, ensuring reliable performance in challenging outdoor environments.

Businesses can trust Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom’s waterproof CCTV cameras for durable and effective outdoor surveillance.

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Installing the Lap Dat SLS Telecom Security:

Installing the Lap Dat SLS Telecom Security:

Expert installation is crucial for an effective system from Lap Dat SLS Telecom. Their experienced technicians begin by surveying the site to position CCTV cameras for optimal visibility strategically.

Cabling is neatly run to connect all hardware, ensuring a tidy setup. The team then configures customized settings for motion detection, image quality, and data storage tailored to the location’s needs.

With polished mounting, careful positioning, and tailored configuration, Lap Dat SLS Telecom’s installers ensure newly implemented security solutions capture high-quality footage and seamlessly integrate with daily operations.

To Complete the Installation, Carefully Follow these Steps for a Smooth Process.

Here’s the step-by-step installation process for mounting and setting up cameras:

  • Mount cameras: Set adjustable brackets to required angles for optimized coverage area.
  • Connect cameras: Attach cameras securely onto brackets using mounting hardware to affix units firmly.
  • Supply power: Ensure a grounded outlet provides constant power for uninterrupted operation.
  • Enable connectivity: Link cameras to a WiFi network for wireless models, confirming signal connectivity and restricting access.
  • Validate motion detection, image quality, and storage: Connect bundled power cables to the outlet and fine-tune pan, tilt, and rotation mechanisms.
  • Perform testing: Review live footage from cameras to align for optimal perspective of monitored zones.
  • Finalize installation: Complete all required checklists and documentation, formalizing sign-off on properly functioning system.

Set the Camera Bracket

Lap Dat SLS Telecom technicians utilize adjustable brackets to mount cameras in assigned locations, ensuring optimal viewing angles. Proper initial placement facilitates precise orientation during later alignment.

These brackets are designed to withstand vibration and support both wired and wireless camera models from Lap Dat SLS Telecom’s catalog.

This ensures stability and flexibility in camera installation, contributing to overall surveillance effectiveness.

Place the Camera and Connect the Power Supply

Cameras are securely affixed to pre-set brackets using Lap Dat SLS Telecom’s specialized mounting hardware.

Technicians meticulously connect the bundled power cable from the camera housing to a nearby grounded outlet, adhering to strict electrical safety standards.

This constant power supply ensures uninterrupted recording, allowing for continuous monitoring and surveillance operations.

The careful installation process underscores Lap Dat SLS Telecom’s commitment to both safety and reliability in its security solutions.

Connecting To WiFi

To provide cable-free versatility, Lap Dat SLS Telecom offers WiFi-enabled cameras. Technicians ensure seamless integration by confirming the camera’s signal connection to the site’s wireless network, enabling integration with the NVR system.

Secure login details are then provided to restrict access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can monitor the cameras.

This setup enhances security and control over surveillance footage, aligning with Lap Dat SLS Telecom’s commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable security solutions.

Camera’s Alignment and Testing

Once positioned, installers meticulously fine-tune the camera’s pan, tilt, and rotation to achieve the optimal perspective. Live footage is then reviewed to confirm the visibility of key areas and ensure comprehensive coverage.

Rigorous tests are conducted to verify motion detection accuracy image quality metrics, and archived recording capacity.

This meticulous process ensures that the surveillance system meets expectations and delivers reliable performance in real-world scenarios.


Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom stands out as a leading provider of integrated security and telecommunication solutions in Vietnam.

With their extensive range of CCTV cameras, access control systems, and telecommunications services, they offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom’s commitment to excellence is evident in its expert installation services, ongoing support, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

By delivering high-quality products, reliable performance, and attentive customer service, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom continues to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-notch security and connectivity solutions.


What types of security camera systems does Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offer?

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom provides a diverse selection of security camera systems, encompassing CCTV cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, IP cameras, models with 4K and HD resolutions, as well as NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and comprehensive packages.

Does Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offer installation services?

Certainly, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offers professional installation services for their range of security camera systems. Their skilled technicians ensure precise setup and positioning to maximize coverage and efficiency.

What support does Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom offer?

Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom extends continuous support to its customers, including remote monitoring, maintenance, and repair services. Their support team is readily available for technical guidance and issue resolution.

Are financing options available with Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom?

Absolutely, Lap Dat Camera SLS Telecom provides flexible financing plans and leasing alternatives to assist customers in obtaining security solutions that align with their financial constraints. Additionally, multi-year agreements are offered for enhanced convenience.

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