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GPO Map – Grand Piece Online maps

GPO Map, or Grand Piece Online Map, is a navigational gem within the expansive Roblox MMORPG. Offering a comprehensive overview, it guides players through diverse regions, from the initial ventures in the First Sea to the challenging escapades in the Second Sea.

A strategic ally for both novices and seasoned players, the GPO Map doesn’t just showcase locations but becomes a roadmap for efficient leveling. With details on recommended levels, buyable items, and drops, it transforms exploration into a purposeful journey, ensuring an optimized and engaging gaming experience.

Embark on an epic adventure in GPO, the immersive Roblox MMORPG! Dive into a vibrant world filled with islands, challenges, and treasures, where every journey is a thrilling quest for glory.

Grand Piece Online Maps (GPO Maps)

Embark on thrilling adventures with Grand Piece Online Maps (GPO Maps), your virtual guides to Roblox’s vast seas! These meticulously crafted maps lead players through diverse regions, offering strategic guidance for navigating islands and challenges.

GPO Maps are more than just navigation tools; they’re essential for strategic leveling. With detailed insights on recommended levels, buyable items, and rare drops, players can optimize gameplay from the Town of Beginnings to conquering the Second Sea.

Navigate effortlessly with GPO Maps, your key to a successful gaming journey. Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned player, these maps provide essential information for purposeful quests, enhancing your gaming experience in Roblox’s captivating realms.

Grand Piece Online Map Locations Level Guide

Explore the Grand Piece Online Map Locations Level Guide for a strategic journey through Roblox’s vast seas. From the beginner-friendly Town of Beginnings to the challenging Second Sea islands, the guide provides clear recommendations to maximize your leveling experience.

Avoid the stress of facing higher-level enemies with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a new or returning player, navigate the First Sea and Second Sea confidently, optimizing your leveling strategy to conquer each island efficiently in Grand Piece Online.

Grand Piece Online Map Starting Locations

Discover the starting points in Grand Piece Online Map, each offering unique opportunities for exploration. From the versatile Town of Beginnings to the bustling Marine Fort F-1, these locations set the stage for your epic adventure.

Equip yourself at Town of Beginnings, where you can purchase essential items like Cannon Balls and Potions. Dive into the world of Grand Piece Online, starting from these diverse locations, each with its own charm and challenges to conquer.

First Sea map (Sea of Phoeyu)

Island NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Arlong Park70+Kiribachi (5%)
Baratie40+Black Leg
Coco IslandAnyDisable Jambe,
Geppo Trainer
Fishman CaveAnyBubble
Fishman ColosseumAny
Fishman Island190+Fishman Karate
Gravito’s Fort160+Hoverboard (1%), Gravito’s Cape (5%), Gravity Blade (5%)
Island of Zou30+Mink CombatCarrot (50%)
(Electric Fighting Style)
Kori Island80+Busoshoku Haki
Land of the Sky (Skypiea)105+Kenbunshoku Haki,
Marine Base G-1240+Marine Captain’s Cape (5%), Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%), Bisento (1%)
Marine Fort F-1Any
Mysterious CliffAnyRokushiki
Neptune’s Throne230+Neptune’s Trident (1%), Neptune’s Crown (5%)
Orange Town50+Buggy Cape (10%)
Reverse Mountain345+Eternal Pose
Roca IslandAnyOne-Sword-Style,
Ryu’s Palace210+Shark Necklace (5%), Ryu’s Blade (5%)
Sandora10+Bazooka (25%)
Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)200+Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer’s Armor Set (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), Slayer’s Mask (1%), Random Fruit (3%)
Shell’s Town20+Galleon, Hammer,Metal Jaw (25%)
Sphinx Island65+Gorilla King Crown (5%)
Town of BeginningsAnyRowboat, Caravel,Eye Patch (50%)
Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle
??? Shrine325+Word Scroll

Second Sea map (New World)

Island NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Colosseum of ArcAny
Desert Island325+Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo FoodKingdom Guard Outfit (20%),
Cho’s Crown (5%),
Crab Cutlass (1%),
Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%),
Golden Hook (5%)
Rough Waters325+
Rovo IslandAny
Sashi Island325+2 Sword StyleMusashi’s Hate (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Rose Katana (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Crimson Katana (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Karuta (5 attempts)
Spirit IslandAnyBusoshoku V2

Skypiea map (Land of the Sky)

Soar into the skies with the Skypiea map, a captivating Land of the Sky in Grand Piece Online. Located in the northeast of the First Sea, this mysterious floating island offers diverse landscapes and unique terrains for exploration.

Explore the golden city and heavenly landscapes of Skypiea, where players can uncover Kenbunshoku Haki and rare items like the Golden Staff. Engage in a journey full of breathtaking sights, hidden areas, and intriguing locations within the Land of the Sky in Grand Piece Online.

Location NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Golden City155+Kenbunshoku HakiGolden Staff (5%), Tomoe Drums (1%)
Heaven’s GateAny
Malcom’s Lair145+Shotgun (5%)
Sky Castle110+Guardian’s Helmet (5%), Skyblue Katana (5%)
Sky Town District 1AnyLand of the Sky Eternal Pose, Potions
Sky Town District 2105+
Sky Town District 3135+
The Tree125+Skypiean Glide AbilityBurn Bazook (5%)


At what level can you go to Second Sea GPO?

You can go to Second Sea GPO at level 700.

Where are rough waters in gpo sea 1?

Rough Waters are in GPO Sea 1, located east of Transylvania’s waters.

Where is Sky Island in GPO?

Sky Island in GPO is reached through the Knock-Up Stream.

Where to find sphinx island gpo?

Sphinx Island in GPO can be found after conquering Restaurant Baratie Island.

How to get to Roca island from skypiea?

To get to Roca Island from Skypiea, head east from Shell’s Town.

How to get to gravito fort gpo?

To reach Gravito Fort in GPO, head northeast of Arlong Park.

Where is the shells town in GPO?

Shell’s Town in GPO does not have a spawn point.

How to get to Baratie from shells town?

From Orange Town, you can Sky Walk to Baratie.


In summary, GPO Maps are your go-to tool for navigating the vast seas of Grand Piece Online in Roblox. From strategic leveling guidance to essential insights on islands, challenges, and items, these maps enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, GPO Maps ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey through the diverse realms of this captivating MMORPG. So, set sail with confidence and embark on an epic adventure with GPO Maps as your trusty guide!

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