Grand Piece Online – Best Devil Fruits Tier List


Grand Piece Online – Best Devil Fruits Tier List

In the vast world of Grand Piece Online, navigating the treacherous seas as a pirate demands not only skill but also strategic choices in acquiring devil fruits. With the constantly evolving meta, knowing which devil fruits reign supreme is paramount.

The Grand Piece Online Tier List for 2024 provides invaluable insights into the best devil fruits, ranked according to their effectiveness in gameplay. From the formidable Ito Ito no Mi to the dazzling Pika Pika no Mi, each fruit in the coveted S-Tier boasts unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

How To Get Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online

Obtaining Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online requires patience and strategy. These coveted items spawn randomly under trees every 1-4 hours.

Players can engage in various activities such as Battle Royale events and Ship Farming to acquire Devil Fruits. Additionally, participating in Colosseum Raids, Factory Raids, and other in-game endeavors offers opportunities to obtain these valuable powers.

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Grand Piece Online Tier List: All Tiers Explained

The Grand Piece Online Tier List offers valuable insights into the hierarchy of devil fruits within the game. Divided into four tiers-S, A, B, and C-the list categorizes devil fruits based on their effectiveness and abilities.

At the pinnacle lies the S-Tier, comprising devil fruits like the Ito Ito no Mi and Pika Pika no Mi. These fruits boast unparalleled power and versatility, making them highly sought-after by players seeking dominance on the high seas.

Following closely are the A, B, and C tiers, each representing varying degrees of strength and utility. From the formidable abilities of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi in the A-Tier to the less desirable fruits relegated to the C-Tier, the tier list serves as a valuable resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay and make strategic choices in their pursuit of victory.



S-Tier devil fruits are the most powerful and coveted in Grand Piece Online.

  • They offer unparalleled abilities and versatility, making them highly desirable.
  • Examples include the Ito Ito no Mi, Pika Pika no Mi, and Mera Mera no Mi.
  • Possessing an S-Tier devil fruit can significantly enhance a player’s chances of success in the game.
  • Players often prioritize acquiring S-Tier devil fruits due to their immense power and strategic value.


  • A-Tier devil fruits are strong and capable, although not as powerful as S-Tier fruits.
  • They offer decent abilities and utility, allowing players to excel in various aspects of the game.
  • Examples include the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Yomi Yomi no Mi, and Hie Hie no Mi.
  • While not at the top of the hierarchy, A-Tier fruits are still valuable assets in gameplay.
  • Players can achieve success with A-Tier devil fruits by strategizing effectively and leveraging their unique abilities.


  • B-Tier devil fruits are considered below average in terms of power and utility.
  • They may lack some of the strengths and versatility found in higher tiers.
  • Examples include the Mero Mero no Mi, Suke Suke no Mi, and Kage Kage no Mi.
  • While not as sought-after as S or A-Tier fruits, B-Tier fruits can still provide valuable abilities.
  • Players may need to supplement B-Tier devil fruits with additional strategies to excel in the game.


  • C-Tier devil fruits are the weakest among the tiers in Grand Piece Online.
  • They often lack significant abilities or have limited utility in gameplay.
  • Examples include the Bari Bari No Mi, Gomu Gomu no Mi, and Guru-Guru no Mi.
  • Players generally aim to avoid C-Tier devil fruits due to their limited effectiveness.
  • While possessing a C-Tier fruit may still offer some benefits, players often prioritize higher-tier fruits for better performance.


Grand Piece Online Tier List provides players with valuable insights into the hierarchy of devil fruits, ranging from the powerful S-Tier to the less desirable C-Tier.

Each tier offers varying degrees of strength and utility, influencing players’ strategies and gameplay experiences. By understanding the tiers and prioritizing higher-ranked devil fruits, players can enhance their chances of success and domination in the world of Grand Piece Online.

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