Survivor.Io Merging Equipment Guide – Max Out Your Gear!


Survivor.Io Merging Equipment Guide - Max Out Your Gear!

In the world of, having powerful merged equipment can make all the difference between struggling through levels or absolutely dominating them. Your gear not only provides critical stat boosts but can also unlock game-changing perks and skills

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about’s merge system – from fusing basic gray items all the way up to obtaining the ultimate legendary red equipment.

The Different Equipment Grades in

Before we dive into the merging process, let’s go over the various equipment grades you’ll encounter:

  • Gray (Standard) – The basic starter equipment
  • Green (Good) – Provides modest stat increases
  • Blue (Better) – Unlocks the first perk/grade skill
  • Purple (Excellent) – Further stat boosts and another perk
  • Gold (Epic) – Epic gear unlocks yet another powerful perk
  • Red (Legendary) – The cream of the crop, legendary equipment is a massive damage boost with the final perk unlocked

Higher grade equipment not only raises your gear’s core stats like damage, defense, etc. but also provides unique grade skills that can utterly transform your survivor’s capabilities. 

Just imagine the power of a max legendary weapon or armor set.

How to Merge Equipment from Gray to Green (Standard to Good)

How to Merge Equipment from Gray to Green (Standard to Good)

To kick things off, you’ll need to merge three identical gray (standard) pieces of the same equipment type. For example, three standard pistols or three standard body armors. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the equipment merge menu
  2. Add your three gray items to the merge window
  3. Double check they are the same exact equipment
  4. Click the “Merge” button

Congratulations, you now have a shiny new green (good) piece of equipment! While just the first step, this provides a modest but noteworthy boost to your gear’s stats.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

The real gains start as we work our way up to the higher tiers. Don’t stop here!

Merging from Good (Green) to Better (Blue) Gear

Excited for your first perk/grade skill unlock? To reach the blue (better) tier, you’ll need three identical pieces of green (good) gear. Same as before, just at the next level:

  1. Gather 3 matching good/green pieces (e.g. 3 good pistols)
  2. Add them to the merge window
  3. Double check they are identical
  4. Click merge!

You’ll now have a blue/better item with improved core stats. But more importantly, you’ve unlocked your first grade skill perk.

These can provide powerful combat bonuses like increased fire rate, defensive skills, special ability cooldowns, and more.

Example Better Gear Perks:

  • Pistol: +10% damage vs unarmored targets
  • Body Armor: Chance to reduce ranged damage by 25%
  • Gloves: +25% melee attack speed

The Path to Excellent (Purple) Equipment

Hopefully you’re starting to see how critical merging is for gaining decisive power spikes. The climb gets even more thrilling as we approach the purple (excellent) tier.

Merging to Excellent

To reach excellent gear, you’ll need:

  • 3 identical blue/better pieces
  • Follow the same merge steps as before

In addition to another stat boost, you’ll unlock yet another potent grade skill perk. Excellent items are where you start feeling like an absolute powerhouse!

Perks of Excellent Gear

Here are some examples of the types of perks you can unlock:

  • Rifles: +30% damage vs armored targets
  • Grenades: 25% chance to burn targets
  • Boots: Reduces fall damage by 50%
  • Belt: Chance on kill to regain 25% grenade charge

As you can see, these perks significantly augment your survivor’s damage output, survivability, and utility. Don’t underestimate the impact they can have!


Reaching the Pinnacle – Epic and Legendary Merge Paths

The top two tiers, gold (epic) and red (legendary), represent the absolute peak of power in Get ready, because the merge process for these elite items is where things get truly intense!

Merging to Epic (Gold) Gear

For epic gear, you’ll need:

  • 2 identical excellent+2 (purple) pieces
  • Follow normal merge steps

Upon reaching epic, you unlock the third and final grade skill perk. Need some examples of how insane these can be?

Epic Gear Perks:

  • Shotgun: 20% chance to instantly reload after a kill
  • Body Armor: Chance to reflect 40% of damage taken back to attacker
  • Gloves: 50% chance for melee attacks to strike twice
  • Belt: All grenades are upgraded to the next type

I think you get the idea…epic gear is epic in every sense of the word!

The Legendary (Red) Grind

If you thought the journey ended at epic gear, think again! The legendary grind to red (legendary) status is a arduous but rewarding one:

  1. Epic -> Epic +1: Requires 2 epic pieces
  2. Epic +1 -> Epic +2: Requires 2 epic and 1 epic+1
  3. Epic +2 -> Epic +3: Requires 2 epic+2 and 1 epic+1
  4. Epic +3 -> Legendary (Red): Requires 2 identical epic+3 pieces

While immensely difficult, maxing out a piece of legendary gear is the true endgame for elite players:

  • Massive stat increases across the board
  • The final, most powerful grade skill perk unlocked
  • Essentially making you unstoppable in that gear slot

Some example legendary perks:

  • Rocket Launcher: Grenades have a 40% chance to drop on enemy death
  • Tech Armor: Chance to deploy defensive drone for 10 seconds after taking fatal damage
  • Legendary Rifle: 50% chance to shoot explosive rounds that damage nearby targets

If you’ve stuck with the guide this far, you’re well on your way to becoming a merge master!

Mastering’s Merge System – Tips and Strategies

Mastering's Merge System - Tips and Strategies'

Before we conclude, here are some vital tips for mastering the art of merging equipment:

Be Proactive About Merging 

  • Don’t just hoard duplicate items. As soon as you have the required pieces, merge them up! Having top-tier gear is pivotal.

Prioritize Key Gear Types 

  • While all gear is important, I’d recommend focusing merges first on weapons > armor > utility items like grenades. Offense and defense should be priorities.

How to Farm Merge Materials The best ways to acquire merge fodder are:

  • Thorough looting of all areas
  • Completing levels/challenges
  • Purchasing equipment packages with in-game currency

  • While merged gear is amazing, don’t neglect putting skill points into your character’s core abilities as well. Ideally, you’ll want a balance of incredible gear and maxed-out skills.

  • After every level or play session, take a moment to merge any duplicates you’ve acquired. Chipping away slowly but consistently is key.

Case Study: Joe’s Legendary Grind

To illustrate the power of merged gear, let’s look at a case study of an experienced player named Joe and his journey to obtaining a legendary rifle.

Joe had been playing for a few months and was stuck on one of the harder combat levels. No matter how he allocated his skill points, he just couldn’t seem to beat the challenging enemy waves.

That’s when Joe realized he needed to focus on merging his weapons. His current rifle was an excellent+2 purple model that was just not cutting it against the level’s armored enemies.

Following the steps outlined earlier, Joe painstakingly merged materials over weeks of grinding to reach these milestones:

  1. Excellent+2 -> Epic: Sacrificed two identical excellent+2 rifles.
  2. Epic -> Epic+1: Combined two of his new epic rifles.
  3. Epic+1 -> Epic+2: Used two epics and his remaining epic+1.
  4. Epic+2 -> Epic+3: Merged two epic+2 rifles and his last epic+1.
  5. Epic+3 -> Legendary: Finally, he combined two of his epic+3 rifles.

The effort was grueling, but the payoff was immense. Joe’s newfound legendary rifle utterly dominated that previous level:

  • +75% Damage vs Armored Targets (Unlocked legendary perk)
  • +50% Increased Damage (From stat increases)
  • 20% Chance to Shoot Explosive Rounds

Coupled with his existing skills, Joe’s legendary rifle turned the tide. What was an impossible level became a cakewalk. He could finally progress!

Joe’s experience proves that while earning legendary gear is difficult, it’s an absolute game-changer. Putting in the work to merge your equipment is essential for overcoming’s toughest challenges.

A Master’s Perspective: Quote from a Top Player

To provide some insight from one of the elite players, here’s a quote from master KillStress09 on the importance of merging:

“Merging equipment is the difference between scraping by and absolutely dominating in Don’t overlook this core system! Every single top player prioritizes merging materials to obtain red legendary sets. When you see someone wrecking an entire match, you can bet they’ve maxed their merged gear. It’s an absolute must for endgame.”

Words from one of the best in the game. Don’t fall behind on your merges!

Equip Yourself for Victory – Your Merge Checklist


To sum up everything we’ve covered, here’s a convenient merging checklist to refer to:

  • Gray to Green: 3 identical gray pieces
  • Green to Blue: 3 identical green pieces
  • Blue to Purple: 3 identical blue pieces
  • Purple to Epic: 2 identical purple excellent+2 pieces
  • Epic to Legendary: Multi-stage process incrementing from epic to epic+3, then combining 2 epic+3 pieces

  • Merge duplicates ASAP, don’t hoard
  • Focus weapons and armor first
  • Farm materials by looting, doing challenges/levels, buy packs
  • Balance gear upgrades with leveling your skills
  • Establish a merging routine

  • Higher grade gear boosts all core stats
  • Unlocks powerful unique perks at each tier
  • Merging creates decisive power spikes
  • Levels the playing field against tough opponents
  • Reaching legendary is the true endgame

“Every single top player prioritizes merging materials to obtain red legendary sets.” – KillStress09

The path to becoming an unstoppable force goes directly through the merge system. Armed with the comprehensive knowledge here, you have everything needed to forge incredible merged gear sets!

The grind is challenging, but profoundly rewarding. What are you waiting for? Start merging today, and enjoy wreaking havoc in glorious legendary style.

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