Snapchat Plus Planet Order 2024 Explained


Snapchat Plus Planet Order 2024 Explained

Snapchat is a highly accessible social media app among many users today. Everyone uses such an app because of its stunning features. To elevate user experience, Snapchat Plus comes with cool upgrades. 

Snapchat provides a new feature to paid users and lets them alter icons, see who rewatch stories and mark specific friends. Users can snap with someone and get close to the planet. Subscribed users unlock more benefits. It makes the social media experience engaging and interesting.

What are Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus, a dynamic enhancement that elevates the user experience to new heights. With its innovative features, Snapchat Plus captivates a wider audience globally, holding their attention with ease. 

At the heart of Snapchat Plus lies its intuitive interface, designed to facilitate deeper connections with your closest companions. Similar to planets orbiting the sun, users can now select their top eight friends and keep them in a circle of proximity, ensuring effortless interaction.

The core ethos of Snapchat Plus is simplicity, empowering users to forge stronger bonds with their best friends. It serves as a captivating platform, enriching the user journey with each interaction. 

Furthermore, Snapchat Plus offers a practical solution by enabling users to assign planetary positions to their cherished companions. By likening each friend to a planet, users can easily designate their closest confidants within their social orbit.

Just as every planet in the universe possesses unique traits, each friend holds their own distinct qualities. Whether you designate Mercury to a friend, effectively positioning them at the center of your social circle, or assign other planets accordingly, Snapchat Plus provides a personalized experience tailored to your friendships.

In navigating the intricacies of social connections, Snapchat users often find themselves managing two distinct lists: friends and best friends. With Snapchat Plus, this process becomes streamlined, allowing users to identify and prioritize their most cherished relationships with ease.

Moreover, the premium version of Snapchat Plus unlocks a myriad of exciting features, including:

  • Ghost trails, adding an element of mystique to your interactions.
  • Pinning your top contact as your Best Friend Forever (BFF), ensuring they’re always front and center.
  • Customized chat wallpapers, allowing you to personalize your conversations.
  • Story re-watches count, providing insights into the impact of your shared experiences.

With Snapchat Plus, the possibilities for enhancing your social connections are limitless. Embrace the future of friendship and communication with Snapchat Plus today.

How Does The Snapchat+ Friends Solar System Work?

How Does The Snapchat+ Friends Solar System Work?

Before delving into this feature, it’s crucial for individuals to grasp the intricacies of Snapchat Plus’ solar system integration. Within the Snapchat realm, users devote their attention to a select group of eight friends, each holding a unique significance. 

Snapchat Plus introduces a novel dimension wherein users can designate a companion with whom they share remarkable streaks, ranking these companions within the celestial hierarchy of the solar system.

  • Mercury: This celestial body marks the foremost position in the Snapchat solar system, symbolizing the friend with whom users share the highest streaks. Adorned with a cosmic charm, Mercury boasts a crimson orbit, accentuated by a radiant red heart.
  • Venus: Following Mercury, Venus emerges as a captivating planet, exuding a warm aura with its light brown hue. This planet is adorned with a delightful dance of pink, yellow, and blue hearts, adding a touch of charm to its celestial presence.
  • Earth: Occupying the third slot in the solar lineup, Earth embodies familiarity with its verdant and azure tones. It features a serene moon and is enveloped by a constellation of hearts and stars, representing enduring connections shared among friends.
  • Mars: As the fourth planet in the sequence, Mars represents the individual with whom users share significant streaks. Its crimson orbit is embellished with hues of blue and purple hearts and stars, reflecting the depth of shared experiences.
  • Jupiter: Positioned as the fiftieth planet, Jupiter commands attention with its fiery reddish-orange attire, adorned with shimmering stars that emphasize its prominence in the celestial landscape.
  • Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune: These planetary counterparts trail along similar trajectories, each designated to friends within the Snapchat universe, contributing to the intricate tapestry of connections within the solar system.

By understanding this unique interplay between Snapchat Plus and the solar system, users can navigate their social interactions with greater insight, appreciating the nuances of their digital connections within this celestial framework.


Snapchat Plus planets order with pictures (2024)

To fully harness the potential of Snapchat Plus, it’s crucial for users to grasp not only the ins and outs of the app but also the order of planets in our solar system. Picture this: just as planets orbit the sun in a specific sequence, your friends should be organized from closest confidants to acquaintances within Snapchat Plus

As a proud subscriber, you gain access to eight slots, each represented by a unique planet with its own distinct traits. By associating friends with these celestial bodies, complete with colors and characteristics, you can effortlessly arrange your social sphere within the cosmic context of the solar system.

1. Mercury

Mercury, our celestial neighbor within the solar system, embodies the essence of proximity and intimacy. Just as in Snapchat’s planetary arrangement, where you can curate your circle of friends to include those closest to you, designating someone as Mercury signifies a bond of utmost closeness and camaraderie. 

This planet boasts distinctive attributes, including a striking red heart symbol and a captivating pink hue, further accentuating its representation of affection and warmth.

2. Venus

Venus shines with a soft, light brown hue adorned by charming accents of pink, yellow, and blue hearts. This celestial body symbolizes a special connection on the app – the second closest friend, akin to a companion in the vast digital cosmos. With Venus assigned to a friend, users unlock a realm where sharing snaps and maintaining streaks becomes a delightful ritual. 

While not reaching the intimacy level of Mercury’s friendship, Venus still holds a cherished place in the constellation of social bonds.

3. Earth

In the cosmic realm of Snapchat, where planets align in a digital universe, Earth holds a special position. Picture this: lush green continents, heartwarming red hearts, and vast blue oceans characterize this celestial body. What makes Earth stand out? Well, it’s not just its natural beauty but its significance on the Snapchat planet order list.

Here’s the scoop: whether it’s you or your friend who’s wielding the power, Earth grants the privilege of being placed third on the list. That’s right, the coveted third spot! It’s like having a VIP pass in the Snapchat galaxy. And what can you do with this cosmic authority? Well, you can assign any of your friends to bask in the glory of being the third closest buddy on the app.

So, think about it: with Earth in your digital orbit, you’re not just navigating through snaps and chats; you’re shaping the very fabric of Snapchat friendships. It’s a world where connections are as vibrant as the continents, as warm as the hearts, and as expansive as the oceans. So, go ahead, embrace your cosmic influence, and let the Snapchat universe unfold before you.

4. Mars

When positioning your pals within the celestial hierarchy of your Snapchat universe, designating a chum to the illustrious fourth slot signifies their esteemed status as your fourth most cherished confidant. 

However, discontent may arise among Snapchat aficionados should the cosmic alignment not align with their preferences. Additionally, the coveted Mars badge adorns profiles with a celestial fusion of blue and purple hearts, bedecking the red planet with digital allure.

5. Jupiter


Jupiter reigns as the illustrious fifth planet in the Snapchat galaxy, proudly holding its place in the planetary lineup. Designate a friend to Jupiter’s celestial domain, and they ascend to the esteemed fifth spot among your cherished connections. 

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Snapchat’s cosmos, Jupiter’s aura shuns the tender embrace of hearts, yet it gleams resplendently with a constellation of blue, yellow, and pink stars. As your orbit intersects with this magnificent gas giant, revel in the camaraderie of your fifth-closest Snapchat companion.

6. Saturn

Behold the latest addition to the esteemed Snapchat planetary lineup: a celestial body adorned with a resplendent ring, marking its ascent as the next pivotal entity in the cosmos. Bestow this planetary gem upon a friend, and they shall proudly claim their rank as sixth in the esteemed Snapchat planetary hierarchy. 

Behold its radiant hue, a dazzling yellow expanse accented by a golden ring, embellished further by a celestial tapestry of blue, yellow, and pink stars, adorning the cosmic canvas with unparalleled splendor.

7. Uranus

In the Snapchat planetary lineup, Uranus proudly claims its position as the seventh celestial body. When you designate Uranus to a friend, it automatically finds its place in the seventh spot within the order. 

Positioned as the outermost planet in this digital galaxy, Uranus symbolizes the friend who resides farthest away in your friend list. Snapchat’s planetary scheme uniquely highlights Uranus with a vibrant green hue, accented by twinkling yellow stars encircling its virtual presence.

8. Neptune


Neptune takes its place as the eighth and final frontier in the cosmic landscape of Snapchat Plus. Just as in the vast expanse of the universe, where Neptune reigns as the last sentinel, here too, it marks the culmination of your Snapchat journey. 

When assigning a friend to Neptune, they ascend to the revered eighth position in the planetary hierarchy, a testament to their orbit in your digital galaxy. Each friend bestowed with this celestial honor can wield the power to rank themselves among eight distinguished numbers, mirroring the cosmic dance of the planets in our solar system.

Behold Neptune, draped in the majestic hue of blue, a celestial canvas adorned with stars of the same ethereal shade. Like a beacon in the night sky, its azure glow beckons, inviting friends to explore its depths and bask in the radiance of its digital aura. 

As the final frontier in the Snapchat Plus feature, Neptune stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of our interconnected universe, where friendships transcend earthly confines and soar among the stars.


The inclusion of Snapchat Planet within the premium version presents an exhilarating opportunity. It serves as a dynamic tool for organizing friends based on the nature of one’s relationship with them. 

By comprehending the unique attributes of each “planet” and the strategies for attaining them, users can harness the power of Snapchat Plus Planet to enhance their social connections and elevate their enjoyment.

To embark on this journey, users are encouraged to sign up for Snapchat Plus and unlock access to Snapchat Planet through a complimentary trial period. Armed with valuable insights and techniques, they can effectively manage their expectations, bridge the gap with distant friends, and foster closer bonds. 

Ultimately, investing in this feature enables users to strike a balance between expenditure and enjoyment, ensuring they derive maximum benefit from their Snapchat experience.


What is Snapchat Planet Order?

Snapchat Planet Order represents a cutting-edge addition to Snapchat Plus, designed to pique user interest. Within this feature, users encounter an array of whimsical decorations and symbols denoting friendship levels within the app. It empowers users to organize their friends based on shared hobbies, interests, and characteristics.

How many best friend planets are available on Snapchat?

Within the Snapchat Plus Planet Order, users can access up to eight best friend planets. Each planet corresponds to a designated group of best friends within the app.

How can I view the Planets on Snapchat?

To catch a glimpse of the planets on Snapchat, one must be a Snapchat Plus subscriber. Once subscribed, users can simply navigate to their friends list within the app. From there, tapping on the plus button located on the right-hand side of the screen allows users to select and explore the various planets.

Is it possible to view Planets without Snapchat Plus?

Unfortunately, the Snapchat Planet Order feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus. To enjoy this feature, users must first subscribe to Snapchat Plus, unlocking access to the captivating world of Planets.

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