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Mighty Doom | Best Weapons Guide

Greetings, fellow doom slayers! Are you ready to unleash unparalleled destruction and obliterate every demon that dares cross your path in the action-packed world of Mighty Doom? 

Well, gear up because this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to wield the most formidable weapons in the game, ensuring you emerge victorious in every battle.

In Mighty Doom, your choice of weaponry can make or break your gaming experience. That’s why we’ve meticulously evaluated every available option, from the raw power of primary weapons to the game-changing ultimate arsenal. 

Our goal? To provide you with an in-depth analysis and tier rankings that will help you dominate the battlefield like a true, demon-slaying legend.

How We Ranked the Best Weapons in Mighty Doom

Before we dive into the rankings, let’s shed some light on our methodology. We’ve spent countless hours immersed in the game, relentlessly testing and analyzing each weapon based on these crucial criteria:

  1. Damage Output: Let’s face it, the more damage a weapon can dish out, the quicker those pesky demons will bite the dust.
  2. Fire Rate: A high damage output is great, but if the fire rate is sluggish, you might as well be using a peashooter.
  3. Ease of Use: Some weapons are user-friendly, while others require the dexterity of a world-class marksman. We’ve got you covered with an assessment of each weapon’s accessibility.
  4. Special Abilities: Certain weapons come equipped with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. We’ve taken these game-changers into account.
  5. Versatility: The best weapons are those that can adapt to any situation, whether you’re facing hordes of demons or a colossal boss.

With our methodology in mind, let’s dive into the tier rankings and in-depth analysis of Mighty Doom’s most devastating weapons.

Mighty Doom’s Primary Weapons Tier List and In-Depth Analysis

Mighty Doom's Primary Weapons Tier List and In-Depth Analysis

Primary weapons are the backbone of your arsenal, and choosing the right one can mean the difference between a demon-slaying spree and an untimely demise. 

Here’s our definitive tier list and analysis of Mighty Doom’s primary weapons:

S-Tier Primary Weapons

Heavy Cannon

  • Easy to obtain and upgrade
  • Delivers a devastating punch with each shot
  • Deals extra damage to enemies weak to ballistic damage

  • Can be underwhelming without the right in-game abilities

  • Equip abilities like bounce, spread shot, and ricochet to transform the Heavy Cannon into a true demon-slaying machine.

Chain Gun

  • Slowly increases its rate of fire, becoming a relentless bullet hose
  • Can deal ice damage with the right abilities
  • Exceptional fire rate at maximum charge

  • Reaching maximum fire rate takes time

A-Tier Primary Weapon

Plasma Rifle

  • Rapid-fire orbs of energy for an enjoyable gameplay experience
  • Decent damage output
  • Deals extra damage to demons weak to plasma

  • Effectiveness may diminish without the right in-game abilities

B-Tier Primary Weapon

Combat Shotgun

  • Packs a devastating punch at close range
  • High damage output per shot
  • Can deal fire damage with the right abilities

  • Requires dangerously close proximity to enemies
  • Less effective against fast-moving targets

C-Tier Primary Weapon

Burst Rifle

  • 3-shot bursts can take down some enemies quickly
  • Can deal toxic damage with the right abilities

  • Accuracy relies on remaining stationary, limiting mobility
  • Damage output falls short compared to other primary weapons


Unleash the Power: Mighty Doom’s Best Secondary Weapons Revealed

Unleash the Power: Mighty Doom's Best Secondary Weapons Revealed

While primary weapons are your go-to for most battles, secondary weapons can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in a tight spot. 

These powerful sidearms pack a serious punch and can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Here’s our tier list and analysis of Mighty Doom’s best secondary weapons:

S-Tier Secondary Weapons

Gauss Cannon

  • Fires steel flechettes at incredible speeds, piercing through multiple enemies
  • High damage output
  • Can clear entire rooms with the right configuration

  • Relies heavily on the right ability selection in later chapters

  • Equip abilities like multiple projectiles, bounce, and magnetic acceleration to transform the Gauss Cannon into a room-clearing powerhouse.

Super Shotgun

  • Devastating damage output at close range
  • Abilities can enhance its power, dealing fire damage to demons

  • Requires close proximity to enemies for maximum effectiveness


  • Concentrated energy blasts for a high attack speed
  • Excellent damage output
  • Deals extra damage to enemies weak to plasma

  • Needs to be highly leveled for maximum effectiveness in later stages

A-Tier Secondary Weapon

Rocket Launcher

  • Can damage multiple enemies with a single rocket
  • Effective against slower-moving targets

  • Less reliable against fast-moving enemies
  • Requires precise aiming

B-Tier Secondary Weapon

Sentinel Hammer

  • Shockwave can damage multiple enemies at once
  • Can deal ice, toxic, and plasma damage with the right abilities
  • Difficult to use effectively, often resulting in self-damage
  • Limited range and effectiveness compared to other secondary weapons

Ultimate Destruction: Mighty Doom’s Top-Tier Ultimate Weapons

Ultimate Destruction: Mighty Doom's Top-Tier Ultimate Weapons

When the going gets tough, and you find yourself face-to-face with a seemingly unstoppable boss or a horde of demons straight from hell, it’s time to unleash the ultimate weapons. 

These game-changers are designed to turn the tide of battle in your favor, no matter how dire the situation. Prepare to witness the true power of Mighty Doom’s ultimate weapons:

S-Tier Ultimate Weapons


  • Rapid volleys of tri-directional argent bolts for massive damage output
  • Grants 20% damage resistance, a lifesaver in intense battles

  • The BFG 9000 may provide more value in later chapters when health is critical

BFG 9000

  • Colossal balls of energy target all enemies in their path
  • Unlockable health boost can be a game-changer when low on health

  • Damage output may fall short compared to other ultimate weapons
  • Significant charge time required

If you’ve unlocked the health boost ability, save the BFG 9000’s attack for when you’re low on health or before challenging a boss stage.

A-Tier Ultimate Weapons


  • Guaranteed direct hit on targeted enemies
  • High damage output, especially against tough bosses and enemies with high health
  • Seemed less effective with abilities compared to other ultimate weapons


  • Can take down enemies with a single, powerful strike

  • Damage output can be inconsistent and unreliable, especially in later stages


And there you have it, fellow doom slayers – the ultimate tier list and in-depth analysis of Mighty Doom’s most formidable weapons. Whether you prefer the raw power of primary weapons, the versatility of secondary sidearms, or the game-changing might of ultimate weapons, this guide has you covered.

Remember, while some weapons may rank higher than others, the best weapon for you ultimately depends on your gameplay style and strategy. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect fit for your demon-slaying needs.

If you found this guide useful, be sure to check out our other Mighty Doom resources, where we dive deep into the game’s mechanics, strategies, and tips for total domination.

Now, gear up and unleash hell on those demons with your newfound knowledge of Mighty Doom’s best weapons. The battlefield awaits, and victory is within your grasp!

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